Steven Hamilton - Children and Dogs and Manicured Lawns

"it's just as exciting as it ever was"

18 Oct 2016

Video by Steven Hamilton

These days it feels like almost anyone can become a BMX  'PRO', but to leave an influential mark on BMX is a whole other cosmos that I can’t even comprehend. Steven Hamilton pretty much changed the way a lot of dudes ride today by doing his own thing, trying shit out, pushing the boundaries and all the time having a load of fun. His new edit is pretty much exactly what Steven is about; expect some skating, creativity, some pull-up bars, and keep a look out for some of those classic Hamilton spots. 

"Pro life passed me by. I't s all good though, I'm still having fun. I've got a job and a family now, so that keeps me busy. I still like to ride, when I get the time. It can be hard finding people to ride with, but you know what? I have a lot of fun on my little solo missions. Main thing I'm happy about is, I'm still progressing. Whether it's finding new spots or learning new skate tricks, it's just as exciting as it ever was. No one said it was going to be easy, and at 34, I'm happy to be healthy and still on my bike." 

- Steven Hamilton 

Song: Band of Horses "Casual Party"

Lost Chicago Trip

22 Jun 2015