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17 Mar 2015

steven hamilton BMX mug DG92 RD

Wall ride dreams. DIG 92 Interview photo session. Photo by Rob Dolecki

Interview by Paulo Martins

AGE: 32

HOMETOWN: Columbus, Ohio

SPONSORS/HOOK-UPS: S&M gave me my bike I'm riding right now, Profile gave me my hubs, Empire helps me with a lot of the other stuff. Still on the Animal team and on the Empire team.

YEARS RIDING: Been a BMX'er about 22 years

steven hamilton BMX mug Feb15 PU

Hometown hero - February 2015- Photo by Mike Rausch


Steven Hamilton, late night Bronx mission during one of his summertime stays in the tri-state area.

So what have you been up to lately?

Riding SkateNaked once or twice a week and Ray's every couple of weeks, working my butt off delivering burritos.

What is your very first memory of BMX?

Went down to Cincy for my bros' soccer tournament and kids were sending it on a racetrack next to the field.

When did you first start riding, and how did you get into BMX?

Grew up in Westerville which was a BMX paradise, dirt jumps all over the place growing up. Started riding at AMA (dirt jump / trail spot).

Which riders inspired you in the beginning, and who were you most excited about meeting at a contest or demo you watched?

Just older guys who were better growing up. I know I was real excited when Joe Rich came in and talked to our cabin at Woodward when I was there as a camper.

Nowadays who are your favourite riders to watch ride?

Clint Reynolds and Credence is probably my favourite thing to watch these days.

Do you prefer solo sessions?

No I don't prefer solo sessions I much rather ride with someone if I can.

For some riders their bike means freedom to them, what does yours mean to you?

Freedom, then I get a ticket for riding my bike on the sidewalk haha.

What keeps you motivated to ride and film after all these years?

It is pretty much me after all these years, it's just what I do.

steven hamilton BMX alleyoop animal argentina13 DG94 RD

Alley-oop. Animal Argentina trip 2013. Photo by Rob Dolecki

Do you remember your first video part?

Some funny stories about that? Camera to VCR edited I made for my friends Radio and Tv project. So mad I lost that tape. First choice was Pink Floyd's "We Don't Need no Education", but ended up using Kenny Loggins "Danger Zone".

What's your favorite part that you've put out to date?

Right now I'll say my Trafaelio part. I think I'm ready to make another part like that, but a mix of park street and trails. I'll see if I can make it happen this year.

What's been your most memorable BMX experience?

Just when I got on Federal and got to go on all those trips - Prague, Germany, Japan, couldn't have asked for more.

What else other than BMX gets you really pumped to ride? Do you still play soccer?

Skating for sure, I have so much more fun when I bike and skate at the same time. Snowboarding a lot this year too. No I didn't get to play Futbol this year, wish I did though, maybe next year.

Favourite spot to ride?

Ray's in Cleveland.

Favourite trick of all time is…


In a DIG interview a few years ago you said you'd never done a tailwhip, but you were going to try and get around to it. Have you?

Actually pretty sure I'm going to do my first one tomorrow over the box at Ray's pretty funny you ask haha (Editor's note: He did, and here it is...)

steven hamilton BMX Rayswhip Feb15 PU

That first tailwhip - Ray's, February 2015. Nice Lord sticker by the way. Photo by Mike Rausch

"Pretty glad I'm not reppin' Monster Energy drink and riding some BS Taiwan to be honest."

Style or tricks?

Tricks is the only thing you can answer. Style is not something you can think about, even as the answer to a question... or it is fake style.

You have had the chance to travel all over the world over the years, where are some of your most memorable places you have been?

Yeah I was lucky to get to travel quit a bit and those trips were pure riots but I can't say I remember very much from them, other than they were really fun.

Do you own a car?

No I don't but I did get my driver's license this year and am working on getting one.

Why do you like to hit so many curved walls?

It is the insane feeling sticking to the wall, most out of this world thing bikes can do I think.

After a lot of video parts, and a lot of slams…how do you feel about going in on street setups these days?

Just make sure I'm not going to get hurt before I do it.

What's something the average BMXer might not know about you?

I completely quit drinking and doing drugs about 3 years ago. My opinion now is that both of those things are a waste of time.

Why haven't you gone brakeless like so many other riders?

Brakeless is kind of fun but I grew up with brakes so it's just the way and I think they save a lot of energy for a more leisurely ride.

Why did you make the self-filmed edits?

I was living a pro-lifestyle with nothing but time on my hands, so it was a way for me to be "productive" when I didn't have anyone else to ride with, and just something creative I thought of that I thought would be fun to try and was.

steven hamilton BMX animal argentina13 DG94 RD

Bump jump rail hop. Animal Argentina trip 2013. Photo by Rob Dolecki

You've always been a big fan of running a 19-inch top tube frame, and now you have a new bike, a flatland frame to be more specific! Is there any special reason to ride a S&M Intrikat frame?

Even though I grew up riding dirt, when I started riding more street I got a Standard Tao because it was smaller. I don't know I just never changed after that I guess.

Do you have any regrets about any sponsorship decisions?

Not really looking back, it all was what it was at the time. Pretty glad I'm not reppin' Monster Energy drink and riding some BS Taiwan to be honest. I do wish companies would realize how hard I go and how much energy I put into learning how to skate and how much more I've got in me after all I've done.

Do you ever want to get a real job?

If by a 'real job' you mean one that makes lots money, then yes, but I do have a job I work about 30 hours a week (delivering burritos). I don't get paid for riding at all.

The best advice you've ever received was...

Go fast, if anything gets in your way, turn - Better off Dead. JK. best thing I can think of is don't marry someone and expect them to change.

The last book you read was?

Haven't read one of those things for a while. I think it was The Sun Also Rises or something like that.

What would you like to know more about?

Getting sponsored

Any last words?

Sponsor me!

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