ABQ DNV - Park Swish

Derek Dorame and company in Santa Fe

4 Jul 2015

Filmed and edited by Derek Dorame and Andres Velasco

S&M's Derek Dorame and Adam Accardi, joined by Andres Velasco Rob Baca, knocking out a quick one at the Santa Fe park for ABQ DNV's weekly video release. Smooth lines, plenty of grind combos, and a feeble hard 360 that sent a beanie flying.

"Park Swish!!! Derek Dorame got his main boys Andres Velasco and Adam Accardi with himself to drop some crazy moves and lines up in Santa Fe New Mexico for this weeks video. These guys have some crazy bag of tricks and are always progressing at a level that blows my mind. Never upset when we see footy of the guys, hit that play button." - Mario Carrasco

ABQ DNV Teaser

24 Jan 2015