Alex Duleba "KID SKETCHY" AANGLES™ Tangent

You need to play this one into your memory

6 May 2021

Video by Scott Marceau

Awh man I needed this today and how nice to see more footage leading up to the anticipated 'AANGLES' DVD release. I might be wrong but going by Scott Marceau's insta description it seems this is almost a promo for Alex's section in the DVD? I've always loved how Scott captures quite a raw video, filmed very well, but the grittiness of Alex's riding is captured and realized brilliantly. Alex's back pedal variations seem to be ever expanding and the pegs to duster was one I particularly enjoyed. Always nice to see a rider who's about the spot and what trick (if any) could be done to compliment it, quite similar to how Scott himself rides. Get this one played into your memory, I'm off for another watch.