Dut's Comp DVD Trailer

Awesome looking video coming out of Denver

28 Feb 2018

Video by Dustin Arp

If you've paid attention to the Denver street scene over the last few years, the name Dustin Arp should ring a bell. Dustin and a large cast of riders from the Denver and Albuquerque scenes have worked on the Dut's Comp crew DVD for a while now and it's set to drop soon.  This looks pretty awesome!

Featuring: Ben Linschoten, Dustin Arp, Brian "Paco" Quintana, Daniel Pedersen, Robbie Owen, Kyle Frazier, Adam Accardi, Nate Richter, Brandon James, Paul Smith, Dallas Martinez, Tammy McCarley, Mario Gorman, Mario Carrasco, Lahsaan Kobza, Derek Cano, Scott Marceau, Johnny Atencio, Andrew Knight, Kenjoe, Zan Bergeron, Ross Albreski, Rob DiQuattro, Paul Berndt, Chris Cutright, Tyler Rembold and Danny Camacho

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