Passing the baton

8 Sep 2022

Alive Industry was founded in Japan in 2012 by three riders Rehito Murata, Yugo Ito, and Daisuke Maja who are still making moves with their brand within the scene. The boss, Rehito Murata who is machining in the video, makes the CNC products and also designs the frame, bars and forks etc. Daisuke Maja (seen riding at the bowl) is the all rounder rider on the team and works at the skatepark, schooling kids and keeping the next generations hyped. Yugo, seen drawing the blueprint is a legendary street rider in Japan and knows everything there is to know about BMX products. He also plans everything with Rehito, Pegy and Daisuke Shiraishi (who is carrying the frame box) are still riding at the front line but are now ready to pass on the baton to 3 new riders that will be announced here in the a second ALIVE INDUSTRY video on September 16th.




Rehito Murata

Daisuke Maja

Yugo Ito


Daisuke Shiraishi