Almost Nearly 4K - Part 1

Behind-The-Scenes on the latest Nearly video

6 Jan 2016

Filmed and edited by Alex Donnachie

As you may have noticed online Alex Donnachie just released the latest in his Nearly DVD series, this time with Nearly 4K and i'm sure we don't need to tell you it's another gem! To wet your whistle we've got a five-part bonus series of videos stacked full of all the clips that didn't make the cut, along with crashes, ABD's and much lolz. First up is Cain Martin, Craig Sime, Jonny Moffat, Chaz Mailey, Guy Scroogie, Isaac Lesser, Jonny Blaikie and more. Check back every Wednesday for another part! Get your hands on a copy of the NEARLY 4K DVD right here.

Nearly 4K Trailer

3 Dec 2015