Over 20 minutes of bonus footage and b-roll

18 Jul 2018

Edited by: Damian Racut / Assistent Editor: Jesse Braun / Filmed by: Brandon Galosi, Damian Racut, and Torey Kish / Super 8mm: Damian Racut

Enjoy over 20 minutes of bonus footage and b-roll from ALYK's 'Fed Up With The Bullshit' DVD. When you work on a project like this you end up with both a bunch of extra riding clips and having documented plenty of random encounters. Sometimes it's your usual run in with the police, or it could be a concerned property owner, and then there are those who are either psyched or irate about what you are doing. It's all part of the process though.

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“Fed Up with The Bullshit – Act Like You Know Crew’s 4th full-length video. Three solid years of dedication from the usual cast, plus a few new soldiers we’ve handed the torch down to. No sponsors, no travel budgets, no ‘practicing’ – just straight riding from the bottomless pits of East Coast and Midwest cities." -