Anthony Derosa - Low Profile Video

"It does make it more fun trying to do new tricks on old spots."

17 Jul 2015

Filmed and edited by Bryan Carter

Most people would probably want to ride every day that they can whilst filming for an edit, but not Anthony. This took us 4 months to shoot but with only a total of 9 days of actually going out. Sometimes though scheduling everyone together can be a beast. We all live pretty far from each other so meeting up and riding some good shit was always a process. Driving around all of NJ til late at night or day trips into NYC were always set back with heavy amounts of traffic, construction, flat tires, or a pissed off a security guard. It's safe to say patience is a virtue that Anthony holds. - Chris Marshall

"Garret Reynolds is from the same town I as I am, so it is a little challenging finding spots that haven’t been blown out; haha. With that being said, it does make it more fun trying to do new tricks on old spots. It’s motivating to me in a way. I’ve managed to pull off a few new ones for this edit!" - Antony Derosa

Hit the link for our full 'Low Profile' article and photos by Chris Marshall - Anthony Derosa - Low Profile

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