"BC to NC": 4 days in North Carolina with Andrew Lazaruk - PROFILE

​Southern Hospitality

11 Jun 2021

Words and Photos by Jeff Gipson| Video by Logan Derberry

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Southern Hospitality

I had hung out with Seamus Mckeon once when he and Logan visited Andrew in LA; but I didn't think I knew him well enough that he and his family would let Andrew and I stay at his house the night before his knee surgery. As our Lyft pulled up to the house at 3 AM, we opened the door to the house and hoped that we were not greeted by a barrel of a gun. Fortunately the picture of a teenage Seamus on a bmx bike signaled we were in the right house as we proceeded to wander through the dark house to our rooms while trying not to feel like we broke in.

Other than our first night, Andrew and I came to Mooresville with no idea where we were staying or really what we were riding. Relying on the kindness and excitement that comes from being a part of the bmx community; Seamus, his family, Logan Derberry, Robbie Taylor, and the NC crew treated us like family.

The week was full of riding street, concrete parks, and ramps; but the highlights were Whip Snake and The Goat Pen. The Goat Pen (located on Seamus’s property) was built by Seamus and the NC crew. Every line, corner, pocket, angle, and transition is thought about with intention and embodies the spirit of passionate people coming together to create something amazing. Complete with an indoor mini and the Mongoose Satellite Dish, I wish we could have spent a couple more days riding there.

Whip Snake is another crazy spot and is the work of a guy with the financial resources and land to bring his creative vision to life. (Which includes a huge concrete skate park and multiple metal sculptures ranging in size from 3 foot to 50 foot tall.) Watching Robbie, Logan, and the locals ride that place at full speed and hitting gaps I'd never even think of was incredible.

We have all heard about southern hospitality and the community, camaraderie, & creative spirit within bmx; but these stories are constantly re-emerging because of the truths within them.

Thank you to Seamus & his family, Logan Derberry, Robbie Taylor, and the NC crew for the hospitality and kindness, and thanks to Andrew Lazaruk for the trip!

- Jeff Gipson