Emile Bouwman - Transporte Excepcional

Volvo Kicker

11 Jun 2021

Filmed and edited by Tom Lammerse

What would Jean Claude Van Damme do when a pandemic hits? He would slide into his denim shorts and ride the hell outta the Soul Cycle ramps. The Shadow Conspiracy's Emile Bouwman harnessed his inner muscles from Brussels and did just that. Always enjoy watching this guy do his thing.

The worldwide lockdown limited everyone's riding spots and made videos harder to create. Emile Bouwman wasn't going to allow these things to hold him back from creating a new video with the resources he had. Filmed entirely at SoulCycle, this creative video was brought together even with curfews and restrictions. Emile was still able to make his "go big" style come through. Watch "Transporte Excepcional" now.


22 Mar 2021


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