An 18 minute masterpiece

23 Apr 2020

Filmed by David Garcia, Roman Levy, Stijn Hens,Flouzzer, Rachid Ben Addi and Antoine Sabourin

Edited by Flouzzer

Official Number 1 Belgian biker crew, Cluut know how to make you smile and now they have an 18 minute club banger in the form of their instant classic, 'Stay Cluut'. The only dudes who could both spell Garrett Reynolds' name wrong and put him on the flow team. BRUSSELS REPRESENT. Featuring Miki Fleck, Adrien Lecomte, Garrett Reynolds, King Rachid, Joris Coulomb, Nico Badet, Kubo Bruch, Jo Gass, Emile Bouwman, Lord Pepe and way more. This is not a vlog, this is a DOCUMENTARY. This goes so damn hard!


22 Nov 2018