Vans BMX Presents: Angie Marino's Enjoy the Ride

All-terrain Angie...

10 Jun 2021

Video by Veesh.

While she's know to shred and flow transition like the boss she is, Angie Marino sheds light on some of her diverse riding skills:

"Vans BMX Presents Angie Marino’s Enjoy The Ride, to serve as an inspiration for BMXers everywhere with it powerful message: Ride because you love it, no matter who you are.

Getting creative while parks were closed due to COVID, Angie took to the street to explore a different side of BMX, strengthening her skillset as a more well-rounded rider and further establishing herself as a BMX powerhouse. The part is meant to inspire others, and particularly up and coming BMXers, to get out in the streets and push their own riding."

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