Final Results & All you need to know - Vans BMX Pro Cup Mexico 2018

Guess who won for the second year in a row...

23 Aug 2018

Mens Podium Mexico Rob Dolecki 0133

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The third Pro Stop of the 2018 Vans BMX Pro Cup is going off this weekend at the massive Montenegro park in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Here's a look at who, and what will, and has, been going down over the weekend. Stay tuned here on DIG and to the DIG Instagram for regular updates along with all the videos, and look for our photo gallery right after the event too.


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Vans BMX Pro Cup Series 2018 - Mexico Highlights

From Guadalajara, Mexico - More Info


1. Jason Watts

2. Sergio Layos

3. Boyd Hilder

4. Larry Edgar

5. Gary Young

6. Alex Hiam

7. Kevin Peraza

8. Kris Fox

9. Matty Cranmer

10. Corey Bohan

11. Dennis Enarson

12. Corey Walsh

13. Cauan Madona

14. Matt Cordova

15. Andres Gatica

16. Netzer Parada

17. Parker Heath

18. Pabel Marquez

19. Jamie Cooper-Ellis

20. Ronnie Napolitan

BEST TRICK – Sergio Layos- 360 transfer from elbow to spine

VANS BEST LINE – Gary Young- Step-up gap from shallow into the deep bowl to massive table over the elbow


1. Angie Marino

2. Nina Buitrago

3. Macarena Perez

4. Teresa Azcoaga

5. Margarita Valenzuela Mera

BEST TRICK – Angie Marino

Jason Watts Mexico Rob Dolecki 0006
Angie Marino Mexico Rob Dolecki 0055

Pro Cup Men Semi-Final Results (Top 10 ride in Finals)

1. Jason Watts

2. Matt Cordova

3. Jamie Cooper-Ellis

4. Cauan Madona

5. Parker Heath

6. Pabel Marquez

7. Netzer Parada

8. Andres Gatica

9. Ronnie Napolitan

10. Corey Bohan

11. Luis Medina

12. Daniel Rosales

13. Jose Torres

14. Jairo Espinoza

15. David Peraza

16. Aaron Simone

17. Manuel Gatica

18. Victor Munoz

19. Michael Mogollon

20. Anthony Napolitan

21. Brad Maple

Pro Cup Women Semi-Final Results (Top 9 ride in Finals)

1. Angie Marino

2. Teresa Azcoaga

3. Nina Buitrago

4. Jesse Gregory

5. Macarena Perez

6. Margarita Valenzuela Mera

7. Michelle Gomez

8. Dayana Lopez

9. Tania Torres Reyes

10. Wendy Lara

11. Ariana Montoya

12. Nidia Mena

13. Luciana Rougier

Regional Qualifier Results (Top 7 ride in the Pro Cup)

1. Jamie Cooper-Ellis

2. Dan Foley

3. Jose Torres

4.Jairo Espinoza

5. Netzer Parada

6. Luis Medina

7. Daniel Rosales

8. Manuel Garcia

9. Michael Mogollon

10. Oscar Marquez

11. Isaac Cortes

12. Tomas Fuentes

13. Brenden Wirkus

14. Dilan Pinedo

15. Bruno Ismael

16. Leonardo Portillo

17. Brad Maple

18. Abdiel Osuna Ortega

19. Isaac Marquez

20. Javier Islas

21. Antonio Merino

22. Armando Lopez

23. Jorge Raigoza

24. Josue Castillo

25. Rafael Cervantes

26. Noah Miranda

27. Angel Cuevas

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Vans BMX Pro Cup 2018 - Mexico Course Preview

On Board With Kevin Peraza - More Info

"The Vans BMX Pro Cup, the world’s leading platform for elite BMX park terrain competition,embarks on the third and final stop ahead of the series’ World Championships, as the industry’s best professional men and women BMX riders return to Guadalajara, Mexico on August 24 – 26. Anticipation begins to build as the Vans BMX Pro Cup series narrows in on the title race with all eyes on current series point leader and reigning 2017 Vans BMX Pro Cup World Champion Larry Edgar, as he goes up against 2017 Guadalajara event winner Jason Watts, top Pro Tour contenders Kevin PerazaDennis Enarson, and 2018 podium regular Alex Hiam.

With only two qualifying opportunities left in the season, the Guadalajara Vans BMX Pro Cup will kick-off with a regional qualifier on Friday, August 24. Open to eligible men and women pro BMX riders, the top seven regional qualifier finalists from Friday’s event will automatically advance to the Pro Tour semi-finals on Saturday, August 25 and the top three regional qualifier podium winners will join the 2018 Tour Pro roster, in addition to a coveted invite to the official Vans BMX Pro Cup World Championships in Málaga, Spain on September 22."

Vans BMX Pro Cup Series 2018 Tour Pros:

Larry Edgar               USA

Dennis Enarson        USA

Alex Hiam                 AUS

Sergio Layos             ESP

Kevin Peraza            USA

Boyd Hilder               AUS

Corey Walsh             CAN

Matty Cranmer          USA

Gary Young               USA

Kris Fox                     USA

Jason Watts              AUS

Chase Hawk             USA

Corey Bohan             AUS

Matt Cordova            USA

Parker Heath            USA


Vans BMX Pro Cup Mexico Qualifiers & Invitees:

Aaron Simone           USA

Andres Gatica           CHL

Anthony Napolitan    USA

Brad Maple               USA

Brandon Loupos       AUS

Cauan Madona         BRA

David Peraza            USA

Jamie Cooper-Ellis   USA

Pabel Marquez         MEX

Ronnie Napolitan      USA

Victor Munoz             CHL


Vans BMX Pro Cup Women’s 2018 Tour Pros:

Teresa Azcoaga       ESP

Angie Marino            USA

Perris Benegas        USA

Nina Buitrago           USA

Macarena Perez       CHL

Jesse Gregory          USA

Bmx Pro Cup Posters Mexico 2018 970X1500

Vans BMX Pro Cup Series - Guadalajara Schedule

Athlete Registration: 

Friday, August 24

Vans BMX Pro Cup Regional Qualifier – OPEN TO MEN & WOMEN REGISTRANTS


Saturday, August 25

Vans BMX Pro Cup Women’s Pro Tour


Vans BMX Pro Cup Men’s Pro Tour



Sunday, August 26

Vans BMX Pro Cup Women’s Pro Tour


Vans BMX Pro Cup Men’s Pro Tour


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2018 Vans BMX Pro Cup Series Mexico Teaser

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In The Cut - Vans BMX Pro Cup 2017 - Guadalajara, Mexico

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2017 Vans BMX Pro Cup - Pro Finals Mexico

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