The Dom Phipps Podcast - The 2nd Edition


23 Aug 2018

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Interview by Shad Johnson

Our first interview with this guy just over a year ago was an education, to say the least, so for the latest episode of our DIG x Snakebite podcast series Shad Johnson sat back down with Dom Phipps to talk with him about the planned 2nd edition of his successful 'Wall To Wall Freestyle' book project. 

This is shaping up to be another comprehensive project about the history of our much loved 'sport' and includes new content on the Dirt Bros, The Curb Dogs, a King of Dirt history, the Odyssey, Haro, Vision Street Wear, and Airwalk stories, origins of street riding and much much more.


The Dom Phipps Podcast - Part 2


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Find out more about the release and how you can secure your copy of the 2nd book in the video below and by following these links.

For more info: For regular updates:

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