Behind-The-Scenes With TMPRD's First Aussie Made Frame

From the workshop to the bowl

21 Sep 2022

Tempered 17 Logo Blk

Video filmed and edited by Alex Liiv

Behind-the-scenes with Tempered Goods and their new Hell Seeker frame, handcrafted down-under.

"This project proudly represents a historical mile stone for Tempered and its place within Australian BMX. To be able to create, build and make available to the public these frames is truly humbling and epic.

Built by our good friends at Tempest Bicycles. Tempest Bicycles was founded by Rob Benson, a frame builder who did his apprenticeship under Paul Brodie in Canada. Rob has over 10 years of experience bringing frame building dreams to life.

Being as this frame is handcrafted down-under, we wanted to try and capture some of the Bespoke workshop vibes in the overall project, from the classic geo to sticker decals. Drawing inspiration from the (Mid School Era) “good old days” of BMX when DIY rider run frame brands were evolving and shaping BMX.

We wanted to create a frame that riders would really vibe and appreciate, so we in-listed the help of Sydney shred lord and team rider Ryan 'Chowgy' Saville to assist with the geo, spec, and overall direction of the frame; including name and art. Chowgy is a deep end demon, loves to get loose, so this frame needed to reflect his needs. Although this isn't a Signature frame we wanted the input and Ryans unique perspective to help inspire this frame." - Tempered Goods

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