Callan Stibbards & Jake Corless DEAD LEISURE “Conjure Thee

This goes hard as hell!

14 May 2021

Filmed by Callan Stibbards | Edited by Alex Liiv

Combine Callan Stibbards and Jake Corless and you have the ingredients for one hell of a recipe. Filmed for Alex Liiv's Dead Leisure clothing brand over the past few years in and around Perth, Australia - this goes hard!

"Introducing Dead Leisure with this “Conjure Thee” video featuring Callan Stibbards & Jake Corless. The title, not only inspired by the lyrics from the music, but more importantly describes the creation and debut of Dead Leisure with this inaugural video. Since Dead Leisure’s inception roughly 2 years ago (September 2019), Callan and Jake where hyped to be onboard and being fans and friends with them it was a no brainer. Fast forward to April this year (2021), Callan and Jake hit me up with this edit, without prior arrangement or knowledge I was beyond hyped with these dudes work ethic and aesthetic towards BMX. Filmed intermittently over the past few years in and around Perth WA Australia." - Alex Liiv

Additional Filming by Jake Corless, Matt Bell, Mitch Morris, Kyal Ralston, Tom Roddy, Jamie Mauri, Filipe Costa Lahgi.

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Low Callan Grindtogap Jake Corless Photo

Callan Stibbards - Grind to gap. Photo by Jake Corless

Low Jake Triplekinkrail Jamie Mauri Photo

Jake Corless - triple kinker - Photo by Jamie Mauri

Low Callan 16Rail Jake Corless Photo

Callan Stibbards going the distance. - Photo by Jake Corless


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