Ben Gordon - United 2020

6 weeks from Stuttgart to Barcelona

14 May 2020

Edited by Ben Gordon

You can rely on United's UK powerhouse Ben Gordon to provide you with an exciting dose of riding and his latest from Stuttgart and Barcelona is just that. Another case of a trip cut short due to Covid-19 but Ben doesn't need long to fire out some awesome clips. That double kinker at the end is a beast.

"UK winters are generally horrendous for riding, even when it’s dry you’ve got too many thermals on to move. Myself and a couple mates decided to boycott as much of winter as we could and planned a 6 week riding trip to Stuttgart and then to Barcelona. The trip was fraught with mishaps from the onset: storm Dennis delaying our flights, bikes not turning up in Germany for two days, constant injuries and good old Covid-19 cutting the trip a week short. Aside from the downsides, it was one of if not the best trip I’d ever been on, never laughed so much in my life. This video is the product of all-round lolz and Euro cervezas for five weeks." - Ben Gordon

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