'SLEEPY 32' - United Bike Co

With Miki Fleck, Harry Mills-Wakley, Fernando Laczko, Kris Bunnage and Ben Gordon.

26 Jul 2019

Filmed and edited by Emerson Morgan

"A few of the United boys stayed in Bristol UK for a week after NASS. We got pretty lucky with the weather, apart from one day of straight rain, so instead of sitting in going sight seeing we decided tho hit the M32 spot, hand made by the Bristol skaters under a motorway - the perfect escape from the rain. We had the idea to maybe get a couple of clips on the VX to make a little edit and it soon escalated into everyone doing mind blowing lines. So here it is, one day at the M32 spot with Ben Gordon, Kris Bunnage, Harry Mills-Wakley , Fernando laczko and Miki Fleck. Enjoy!" - Emerson

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18 Mar 2019