Bone Deth - 'The Dirty Sniff' Online Premiere


25 Aug 2017


Bone Babes, Creepozoids, Freaks, meatmen and women, we are proud to host the online premiere of Bone Deth's latest full length film featuring Colt Fake, Sean Burns, Kert Petersel, Jay Wilson, Chris Crawford, Albie Bennett, Lee Hopkins, Dirt Ron, Robby Nelson, Dean Dickinson, Juuso Kosonen, Sasha Scherbunov, Party Management, Bungay, Waffle, Josh Delarosa, and many more. 'The Dirty Sniff' is a culmination of a lot of hard work, hundreds of roof drops, kook interactions, no expendable money, public acts of nudity, bloody and worn leather, and a hell of a lot of laughs. Just don't piss of Psycho Suze... Available to watch this weekend only! 

Get a whiff of the making of The Dirty Sniff here.