Cast Iron Shore - Full Video

From DVD to the 'net...

7 Jun 2022

Filmed and edited by Addy Snowdon.

After being released on DVD this past September, "Cast Iron Shore" is now available for your viewing pleasure:

"Features BMX street riding executed between 2016 and 2020, mainly in Liverpool and the North West of England. Riders (in order of appearance): Matty Lambert, Sean Minney, Clarky, Liam Vance, Matt Glover, Addy Snowdon, Dan Roper, Joe Jarvis, Fitzy, Sandy, Jim Newrick, Tim Evans, Dom O'Mahoney, Jony May, Toohey, Joe Miller, Liam Ashton, Ant Dalzell, Ben Jones, Gaz Hunt, Ben Lewis, Loz Taylor, Pugwash, Anthony Watkinson, Shanky, Tommy C, Wozzy, Fathead, Sam Waller, Tommy Gore, Leo McKenna."