Chris Cadot - Down The Street - 1664

Nashville, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia

26 Jan 2017

Edited by Chris Cadot

Often we see Chris Cadot's name pop up crediting his filming efforts in the Canadian scene, but this time we get to see the talents Chris possesses on his bike.   A mix of clips from his hometown area, travels in 2016, and new home in Vancouver to clear out the hard drive and start fresh for the year.

"Chris had a busy year in 2016, when he wasn't working he was on the move filming for multiple projects, and also made the move to Vancouver from St. Catharines ON. This was filmed mainly in 2016 with clips from Nashville, Ontario, Alberta, and BC. After wrapping up some projects like BMXFU Meow Mix 2, Cadot decided start fresh for 2017, and put the rest of his footage to use resulting in this 1664XCadot piece! Signature Cadot laid back, chill vibe in this one." - 1664