Clint Reynolds - Home From Home

Revisiting Austin, TX

5 Feb 2019

Video by Relic BMX

"After nearly 10 years in Austin, TX Clint and his family now call New Paltz, NY home. We have all seen the haven he has built for himself up there, which came from nothing but his sheer drive and determination to dive into the unknown head first. Although this wonderland he has built seems to be the only thing most of us could dream of, the winters where it is situated don't provide the greatest outdoor riding conditions. We'll miss his presence here in Austin but we can take comfort in the fact that he will be back to visit and quite often too. This footage is from just a few of the great sessions that went down while he was visiting his home away from home last April. Enjoy!" - Ashley Charles / Relic BMX

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21 Jan 2019