"the true essence of BMX- just having some fun, messing around on bikes"

6 Nov 2019

Video by Kaleb Bolton | fbmbmx.com

"Like most things related to FBM, The DIY World Championship series is tongue and cheek, in reaction to the status quo, and only possible with the participation of our community. In other words, we are lightheartedly throwing an event series, offering a flipside to the network, corporate competitive side of BMX, and creating an excuse to get people together for some laughs and to ride some bikes.

DIY stands for 'Do It Yourself’- simple and common phrase- it doesn’t necessarily mean do it literally yourself, by yourself, so what we mean is ‘Do it Ourselves” and Build your own Fun doesn’t mean build it just for yourself, it means, build fun for everyone (in some cases)- but don’t wait for some one else to do it for you. I hoped that this series helped illustrate that you don’t need a sanctioning body, a corporate sponsor, a network media partnership, or anything really, all you need to do is create something, and share it with people. Thats what we did.

So far we have done about a dozen events under the ‘DIY World Championship” title, all at spots created for and by the people riding them, with little or no resources beyond some hard work, inventive problem solving, a little imagination and some good people. We didn’t have much money, sometimes didn’t even have good weather, but we’ve always had good times, where everyone can participate. Young and old, all different types of bike weirdos top pro’s riding with up and comers, industry types swinging hammers and build ramps with locals, parents riding with kids, all that and more, in some ways really shining a light on the true essence of BMX- just having some fun, messing around on bikes.

Thanks to everyone who showed up, or threw their own jam, and anyone who smiled on a bike with us..." - Steve Crandall



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RVA Lost Bowl Jam

3 May 2019