Denver - The Grand Slam Jam 2017

Dude gets pants and comes back with a gun

2 Aug 2017

Filmed and edited by Andrew Knight

There are some good BMX moments in the video as well, but what is likely to garner the most attention is the conflict with an irate man who was none too pleased with a rider in the way of his car.  The situation continues to escalate and escalate, until eventually the cops arrive to defuse things.  This easily could have turned ugly and been the type of thing we read about on the news.  Stay safe!

"A few weekends back, Grindwheel BMX hosted the annual Grand Slam Jam. It was an amazing time regardless of the thugs that tried to fight all of us. In the end they got more then they deserved and left humiliated. The Denver BMX scene reigned supreme! Enjoy!" - Elevated Perspectives

Hoodantics Denver

26 Nov 2016