12 Nov 2019

Send us your #DIGLOCALS submissions to info@digbmx.com

Here at DIG, BMX has always been much more about community than it has been about competition. Our DIG LOCALS series continues to introduce you to good riders and good people from local scenes worldwide. Next up is 21-year old @david_schaller from Nuremberg, Germany.

"I have been getting some clips here and there while filming for other guys' projects like Miguel Smajli's Shadow Video or Felix's Welcome to Eclat piece. At first I just wanted this to be a chill part, but now I am pretty hyped on some of the stuff I've done for it. Normally, as a filmer guy, the aesthetics and B-Roll shots are super important so with me being in front of the lens this time I wanted to switch it up and focus more on the riding, which is why I decided to film everything on Tape. This is also my first ever solo web edit so this thing means quite a lot to me! " - David Schaller