DIG Locals - Kareehm Richardson

Look out for this guy!

8 Oct 2020

Filmed by Joris Steneker and Mark Bosman / Additional filming by Mika Bunkers, Jesse Nellie, Joram Van Dijk, Joris Gies, Luuk Gemerden, Titus Mellema, Janos Baars and Jesper Wensink

Wow, this one sure caught our attention! Kareehm Richardson is originally from the Caribbean island of St Martin but moved to the Netherlands for school. He's been on a bike for the last four and a half years, part of the Bountyhunters squad for two, and to be at this level in that time is pretty damn impressive. Kareehm certainly ain't scared of a big stair set! And don't worry - he's coming back for that first clip.