4 Years In The Making

9 Apr 2020

Filmed and edited by Dalton Voss

David Anderson has been working on this one for a loooong time now - four years to be precise, and he sure went in for it. Throughout the footage you can see how his style has developed over the years and how he's grown into the shredder he is today. From China to New Jersey, this has it all, even paying homage to Van Homan's Criminal Mischief section. Really looking forward to seeing more from David soon - the dude kills it!

"This video was a blast to film for and take my time on, almost four years of time, so to see it completed is like a weight lifted off of me. Spots are from all over the world, including some of the earliest clips from China in Nov 2016 where I fractured my wrist, and throughout my move across the country, from NJ, FL, AZ and a few trips to Cali. I'm really stoked on the clips I held onto for so long, and its fun to see how much my style has changed for what I've been working on more recently, but one things for sure, ROOF DROPS ARE ALWAYS FUN." - David Anderson