Dylan McCauley - Welcome to Madera

Young and buck

21 Aug 2015

Video by Madera

After getting the welcome to the team treatment on a recent trip to St. Louis, Madera and Dylan McCauley make it official with this four minute belter. I think we're all in agreement when we say that random members of the public shouting at you when you're at the top of a rail, just for the sake of it, can do one.

"Dylan McCauley has been riding hard and repping Madera since he showed up in Milwaukee getting buck wild at the tender age of 17. After a few years of hanging with the crew and taking his burliness to a tech level as well as learning to get super tech on the small stuff, Dylan has really become an amazing rider to watch. The big thing about Dylan is that he also has become an amazing rider to hang out and travel with. Though the team all agreed upon this months ago on our St. Louis trip, this video is Dylan's official welcome to the Madera family. Click play, enjoy the shred, and pay attention to which way Dylan spins!" - Mike Hinkens