Dylan McCauley - Welcome To Madera Pro

Getting tech in Texas and California in his pro debut

2 Feb 2018

Edited by Grant Castelluzzo

Dylan McCauley getting tech in California and Texas in his pro debut for Madera.  I had a chance to join Dylan on a trip for the brand a few years back, and they are not kidding when they say he never stops riding and smiling.  He's got a super good positive attitude and I'm happy to see him get the bump up.

"Dylan has been a part of the Madera family for quite a few years now. His riding has been developing and progressing since day one and it has been pretty obvious for quite some time that he was gonna be an important part of our crew for years to come. Dylan never stops riding, never stops smiling, and never ceases to amaze us and we are super proud to welcome him to the Madera Pro Team!

Take a look at the edit he just put together for this and pay really close attention. Dylan is NOT goofy-footed, so good luck figuring out when he is doing something oppo or even switch footed!" - Madera