Eeshond Kirk - OTP X The Yea 2018

Solid stuff the streets of Pennsylvania

5 Apr 2018

Filmed and edited by Buck Milliken & Shilo Staniech

Solid stuff from the streets of Pennsylvania courtesy of Eeshond Kirk for OTP X The Yea. This dude's got some skills, no easy task to crankarm a rail to manual 180 or switch pegs switch hard over a gap.

"This was a long time coming but it's finally done! From waking up at 7am to ride a rather affluent area, to sketchy abandoned colleges, we did it all. Eeshond is a fuckin shredder that rides just about everything. Dont skip this one... Special Thanks to Matt Smith over at, awesome gear to freshen up your kit. Hit the site for more awesome content as well as instagram @TheYea , @Mattheyea , and the boys @OutsideThePhilth. Cheers!" - DTP