Empire - 'Diadem' Trailer

“what nonsense can we get into today?”

9 Aug 2015

Filmed and edited by Jeremie Infelise

Empire is premiering their new 'Diadem' video next Saturday, highlighting a young crop of riders out of central Texas, including Blake Wright, Colby Moody, Michael Bowen, Tyler Owen, Mike Elias, Shim Medrano, Bobby Blaine, David Reneau, Michael Woodby, Austin Brunger, and Tayson Replogle. Premiere and project details below...

"Diadem' = The next generation of central Texas BMXers, in search of a new destiny beyond their backyards, taking you back to when the only question was: “what nonsense can we get into today?”

Riders include:
Blake Wright
Colby Moody
Michael Bowen
Tyler Owen
Mike Elias
Shim Medrano
Bobby Blaine
David Reneau
Michael Woodby
Austin Brunger
Tayson Replogle
and more…

Filmed / Edited Jeremie Infelise

Austin/Central TX has a long and rich history of BMX. When presented with their positive attitudes and 100% commitment to shredding any and all forms of terrain, the decision to facilitate a full-length DVD documentation of the next generation’s adventures was a no-brainer for us. These young guns are the embodiment of what we think is best about BMX: searching for dope spots, putting tires, pegs, and pedals on obstacles in creative and fun ways, and most importantly, doing it all with a smile on your face with your crew. Shouts to Cabbage Crew, Gnarnia BMX, and Jeremie Infelise for making it all happen!

Video premiere: Sunday August 16 at 9pm behind Empire BMX. Free popcorn for all | BYOB" - Empire BMX

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