Cult -The First 5 Years Book Release

Austin, Texas March 19th 2015

21 Mar 2015

Photos and text by Devon Hutchins

I definitely feel privileged to have been working with Cult since their 2010 inception. It's a company that has an aesthetic and ideals that I can relate to. I grew up in a world of magazines and DVD's so I still have a love for a product that can be held in my hands. Cult has put out 2 amazing full length DVD's, an all Am video plus 7+ zines. They have done all this while putting out impressive web video after web video. People might say I'm biased because I've been friends with their creative director Adam Roye and Chase Hawk for 15 years but you can't deny their influence on BMX. It's hard to go to a skatepark and not see someone wearing or riding a Cult product. They have arguably one of the best teams in BMX with veteran Robbie Morales at the helm. For their 5 year anniversary they have compiled ads, artwork, and numerous photos and laid it all out in a book. Adam took 7 months to sort through thousands of photos and arrange them chronologically to show the last 5 years of Cult. In a day and age of soon forgotten Instagram posts and web videos, it's nice to have a product printed out that can sit on your bookshelf for eternity. 2010 til the end.

Cult - The First 5 Years Book - Adam Roye Q&A - DIG exclusive interview with Cult's creative director.

You can pick up a copy of this awesome book, Cult - The First 5 Years, right here.