That New New

12 Sep 2017

Filmed and edited by Tony Malouf

FIT's new 2018 range of bikes look spot on and now you can get a look at all 24 models via the lens of Malouf. Find out all you need to know here.

"Alphabetically speaking, when you kick off the launch of your 2018 Signature Series line with complete collabs from Augie, Begin, Corriere and Dugan… you know the drop is going to be dialed.

Back that up with eight more rider-endorsed bikes (including the BF 22” and Aitken 26”) and two colorways each of our esteemed classics, the PRK, STR and TRL, and you’ve got 18 killer completes to consider.

Factor in the EIGHTEEN and MISFIT 16” and 12” for the tykes, and its official, everyone’s stoked." - FIT

FIT - Eighty Sixed

30 Jun 2017

FIT - Yumi Tsukuda

27 Jun 2017