FIT F-LOG 16 - New Flow Rider

Tony Malouf, Morgan Long, and the mystery new guy...

8 Aug 2017

Video by FIT

FIT team manager Tony Malouf heads out for an eventful day in SoCal with Morgan Long.  First the guys head to HB to scoop up Tom Dugan, only to find out he's at the hospital getting his wrist/hand checked out.  Then its off to The Building to grab some goods.  Lastly they head back to Long Beach to film a bike check with new flow rider Stephan August, who you might be familiar with from his Youth of Today interview and video a while back.  

Check the related content section below for more F-LOG's and a few things from Stephan!

"This weekend is the Vans US Open in Huntington Beach, California where Tom Dugan and other Fit riders like Angie Marino are competing against the rest of the best. We sadly arrived to find out that Dugan had been taken out by a slam and was in the hospital. After that we make a quick stop at the Building then head to Long Beach to officially welcome our newest flow rider. Check out the new kids ride on our instagram @fitbikeco

Morgan Long - @yomorganlong
Tony Malouf - @tonymalouf
Clint Reynolds - @credence_bikes
Ryan Nyquist - @ryannyquist
Tom Dugan - @tommydugan
Dylan Ambrose - @dylvision
Dougie Darrah - @defresh138
Stephan August - @bootygroceries 
Forrest Hawk - @fhawk90
Wes Mcgrath - @wesmcgrath" 



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