FIT Pro Team In Los Angeles

Jordan Hango, Morgan Long, Brandon Begin, Ben Lewis, Brian Foster, and the rest

8 Jun 2016

Filmed and edited by Scott Marceau

When you get Jordan Hango, Morgan Long, Brandon Begin, Matt Nordstrom, Ben Lewis, Shawn McIntosh, Brian Foster, Van Homan, Tom Dugan, Justin Spriet and Ethan Corriere all together in LA for a few days you are bound to come away with a fantastic video.  Hit play and enjoy!

"It had been a minute since we had the PRO squad in one spot, so we decided to get the dudes together to shoot the shit and mob around LA for a few days in May.

Since this sort of thing doesn't happen all the time, we enlisted Jeff Z. to shoot some stills and Scott Marceau to make moving pictures.

We weren't trying to invite anybody to "Bangerville" with this one, but a few days in Hollyweird with the boys went down a treat. The takeaway from our pow wow was that we should pow wow more often, which means the FIT van may be showing up at spots near you soon - so keep 'em peeled." - FIT

Minimal Mischief

28 Aug 2015