First Look: Morgan Long's FIT HoodBird Setup

See what Fit and Morgan Long have hatched...

24 Jun 2015

Morgan Long hoodbird bike check portrait WM 1

Words and photos by Wes McGrath

I've known Morgan Long for a few years now and I have seen his riding get better and better... and better. Each time we ride he continues to surprise me with his choice in set-ups too, which is so unique especially out riding street. I had the chance to catch up with Morgan while he took a short trip to New Mexico to clock some footage for his new FIT frame promo. I haven't seen him in over a year and it was great to see he's still the same ol' Morgan I left back in Long Beach, California. When I heard he was coming out with a new signature frame and bar for FIT I honestly wasn't surprised that he has been given this opportunity. Being the first out of four new FIT pro riders to receive a signature line definitely speaks for itself. Through determination and sheer talent, Morgan brings you his newest baby, The FIT HOODBIRD!

Morgan Long hoodbird bike portrait 1

So when exactly did the idea of your frame come about?

I went into Fit late last December to pick some things up and Moeller set me down and told me they wanted to put me on the Pro team for the new year. He also told me they wanted to give me a Signature frame, so I started gathering ideas since then. Getting offered a Signature frame while getting put on the pro team alongside three bad ass riders gave me a unmatched feeling of Pride!

Did you come up with the name 'Hoodbird'?

Yes I did. The name was by far the hardest part of the whole process. I knew from the beginning that I didn't want the name to be anything to do with my actual name so I spent weeks and weeks constantly thinking about names. I just felt like the name plays a big part in the frame, I wanted something that was memorable, easy to say, and that we could play off of for the graphics. Once Hoodbird popped into my head I knew instantly that I was rolling with that name.

Morgan Long hoodbird sprocket WM 1

Extra wide tire clearance in the rear end for room with a 2.4 tire slammed!

Morgan Long hoodbird seat WM 1

Investment cast seat clamp.

Morgan Long hoodbird graphics WM 1

ALL graphics hand drawn by Eben Fischer.

Morgan's current setup:

Frame: Fit HoodBird 21.25

Bars: Prototype Fit HoodBird 9.5" rise

Forks: Fit FK forks

Stem: Fit BF 48mm

Grips: Prototype S&M Mike Hoder

Seat: Fit Barstool pivotal

Seat Post: Fit Pivotal

Cranks: Fit Indent 165mm

Pedals: Fit Mac sealed metal

Sprocket: Fit Key Guard 28T

Chain: Shadow Supreme Interlock

Tires: Fit T/A 2.4

Rims: Shadow Corvus

Hubs: BSD Street

How important is it to you to have a decent frame graphic, given you have the main man Eben Fischer behind the artwork?

Very important! I was stressing all the details of the frame because I think the details are really what helps make the frame standout from a bunch of frames out that just look the same. Once I had decided on the name I knew it was something that would be easy to play off of for the graphics. From there, Eben Fischer and myself started working together throwing around ideas for a few weeks before he started working on some designs. I can't say enough how lucky I am to have one of my best friends work on my graphics and Eben is one of the most talented people I know. I think the last few frame graphics he has done are going to open up some eyes to how important it is to put in some time on the graphics, come up with something that looks different and that fits the rider image for there signature product.

Morgan Long hoodbird bike check barspin WM 1

Double rail hop bar spin out in New Mexico.

HoodBird frame specs and info:

Double gussets on top and bottom tubes for extra head tube strength.

Frame sizes: 20.75, 21, 21.25

Rear end lengths: 13.4' - 13.9'

Bottom Bracket: Mid

Bottom Bracket height: 11.8

Seat tube angle: 71 degrees

Head tube height: 5 inches

Head tube angle: 75.75 degrees

Stand over height: 9.5 inches

Dropout thickness: 6mm

Colors: Translucent Gold and Clear Gloss

"We are also working on a signature Hoodbird Bar that will be coming out mid July that will match my Frames standover with a 9.5"rise, with 11 degrees backsweep and 3 degrees upsweep." - Morgan Long

Is there anything special/specific about the hoodbird that you'd like to point out?

First thing first, it's made in America. It has a steep/taller (5") (75.75) head tube to put your bars higher without the need for spacers. To go along with the tall head tube it also has a tall stand over height at 9.5". Double gussets and 6mm thick drop outs so you don't have to worry about strength. Most importantly, the frame is tall, fast and strong!

Have you had any other signature parts from any of your past sponsors?

No I haven't. I worked on some things with past sponsors and they were not down to work with my ideas, so things did not work out.

How does it feel as a pro rider to finally have a signature frame from a company such as FIT?

Man it is the best feeling for real! You can't beat riding for a real rider owned company, and working with them on a product. The frame is exactly what I want and they were down to work with all of my ideas so I couldn't be any happier.

Morgan Long hoodbird headtube WM 1

ALL graphics designed by Eben Fischer.

Morgan Long hoodbird stem WM 1

Keep your eyes peeled for Morgan's matching HoodBird bars coming out in July.

Morgan Long hoodbird gussett WM 1

Double gussets on top and bottom tubes, along with a F-IT stamped bottom gusset.

"I knew I wanted something a little different in a frame than what Fit offered so we got to work making my ideas a reality. I can't say enough how nice it is to work with everyone at Fit and to be able to have my signature frame made right there in house at The Building." - Morgan Long

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