Meet Sergio's 10 yr old protege

4 May 2021

Video and Photos by Diego Manero

Imagine being 10 years old and running laps round the bowl with Sergio Layos, let alone be teammates?! This young transition ripper has got a hell of a bright future, and thanks to FlyBikes he's officially aboard one of their 18" Sierra frames. Check out his new ride, along with some clips of him and Sergio doing what they do best.

"We are very excited to welcome Javitxu de la Torre to the Flybikes family! Over the years, we’ve watched as younger and younger riders have progressed faster and faster, and it’s been incredible. But, when Sergio Layos puts your name out to be on the team, you know you’re on another level! Check out the future as Javitxu and Sergio team up for this amazing video! Javitxu is riding the new Sierra 18" frame, 8" Sierra bars, 18" Volcano fork, and Fuego 18" tires, along with other Flybikes aftermarket parts with the aim of getting the perfect 18 inch setup. This setup was designed to look and ride just like Sergio’s personal Sierra setup!" - FLY BIKES

Checkout our DIG interview with Javitxu HERE.

Javitxu De La Torre Fly Dsc01486
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