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4 May 2021

Javitxu De La Torre Fly Wide

In Conjunction with our Official DIG Partners: FLY BIKES | Video and Photos by Diego Manero

Imagine being 10 years old and running laps round the bowl with Sergio Layos, let alone be teammates?! This young transition ripper has got a hell of a bright future, and thanks to FlyBikes he's officially aboard one of their 18" Sierra frames. Check out his new ride, along with some clips of him and Sergio doing what they do best.

“We’re excited to announce that we have added Javitxu De La Torre to the Flybikes Family! Born in October 2010, Javi stood up at the age of nine months. At that point, the fun had just begun. Thanks to BMX, Javitxu has had the chance to visit a lot of great places that were full of great people to learn from. Hopefully he’ll keep travelling around to places all over, and meet awesome people to ride with along the way. See you up on the ramps, folks!” - FLY BIKES

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Meet Sergio's 10 yr old protege - More Info

How old were you when you first started riding? What first got you interested in BMX?

I got into a skatepark for the first time at at 3 or 4, I was very interested in the older riders jumping there and decided to try it myself. I’m pretty brave and tough, and that helped to really start learning..

What do your friends think at school? Do any of them ride BMX?

I’m pretty discreet about it and don’t usually talk about it a lot. When I showed pictures or videos at school, everyone got crazy and teachers used some of his BMX pictures during class. I don’t feel embarrassed, but I just don’t like to show off with it.

Do your parents like it? Are they supportive?

My parents didn’t really know much about it at the start, but they love watching me flying around. They absolutely support and back me up. We spend a lot of time at the skatepark or traveling to other places to ride.

What do you think the average ten year old does with their time? What do you like doing when you aren’t riding?

Most 10 year olds are doing the usual things like playing soccer, school activities or things like video games... When I’m not not riding, I like to ride my scooter, play basketball, Monopoly, Fortnite and Brawlstars, and listen to rock and roll music!

Tell us about your FLY BIKES 18" setup? What is your favourite part / feature of your bike?

I’m absolutely crazy about my Sierra 18" bike. What I like most about my new bike is the sound and smoothness of the Magneto hubs, as well as the Sierra frame itself. I think it’s way lighter than my old bike, and helps me go even higher. The new size of the Sierra bars help me ride more comfortably and safely as well.

Which riders inspire you?

The first time I rode with Sergio Layos I knew why I wanted to keep riding BMX! I get inspired by anyone I meet at any skatepark, that’s been a big part of how I learn. But Sergio, is my big inspiration!

What would you like to be doing when you’re 18?

Where do you want to be? I don’t think about the future that much, yet, but for sure, I want to be tripping around with friends towards different skateparks every day!


Javitxu De La Torre Fly Dsc01486

FRAME: Fly Sierra 18“ Gloss Warm Grey - Sergio Layos Signature

Tubing: Sanko Multi-Butted Seamless 4130 CrMo

Head Tube & Bottom Bracket: CNC Machined / Heat Treated 4130 CrMo

Dropouts: Invest Casting / Heat Treated 4130 CrMo / Integrated Chain Tensioners

Seat Clamp & Seatstays Bridge: Invest Casting / Heat Treated 4130 CrMo

Top Tube: 18,7”

Rear End: 12.2"

Head Tube: 75º

Seat Tube: 71º

Standover: 8"

Bottom Bracket Height: 10.5"

Head Tube Height: 4"

Brake System: EBS / Chainstays / Removable Brake Mounts

Weight: 1.967Kg. / 4.3Lb.


BARS: Fly Sierra - Sergio Layos Signature

Tubing: Multi-Butted Seamless 4130 CrMo / Post-Weld Heat Treatment

Rise: 8"

Width: 28.5"

Backsweep: 12º

Upsweep: 2º

Weight: 727Grs. / 1.6Lb.


FORK: Fly Volcano 18”

Legs: Seamless 4130 CrMo Sanko Triple Butted

Steer Tube & Dropouts: 4130 CrMo CNC Machined

Full Post Welding Heat Treated

Offset: 25mm.

Steer Tube Length: 160mm.

Weight: 900Grs. / 2 Lb.


STEM: Fly Volcano 25 Short

6061-T6 Aluminum CNC Machined

Rise 25mm. / Reach 45mm. / Width 47mm.


HEADSET: Fly Volcano 7mm, 6061-T6 Aluminum CNC Machined

BARENDS: Fly Volcan, 6061-T6 Aluminum CNC Machined

GRIPS: Fly Ruben II - Ruben Alcantara Signature

SEAT: Fly Aire Tripod - Larry Edgar Signature

CRANKS: Fly Dolmen 155mm length, Full Heat Treated 4130 CrMo / Invest Cast Spindle Boss

Axle: CNC Machined 4130 CrMo 22mm.

SPROCKET: Fly Tractor 25T, CNC Machined 7075 Aluminum

CHAIN: Fly Tractor, Heat Treated 4130 CrMo

PEDALS: Fly Ruben Graphite - Ruben Alcantara Signature

WHEELS: Fly Magneto Female Aluminum Axle with Trebol 18” Rims Front & Rear.

TIRES: Fly Fuego 18“ Front & Rear - Devon Smillie Signature, “HPPR” Layer Technology / Pinch Resistant Layer / High Pressure Casing

For more info:

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"Javitxu is riding the new Sierra 18" frame, 8" Sierra bars, along with 18" Volcano fork and a bunch of other aftermarket parts specifically made with the aim of getting a perfect 18 inches scaled set up, with same quality specs, design and eye for detail like a Pro 20“ bike that could hold up to a higher level of riding. Take a look to his Welcome video to know what’s possible on these little bikes!" - FLY BIKES

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