Happy Days – Felix Prangenberg, Bruno Hoffmann, Kilian Roth & Moritz Nußbaumer in Mallorca

German Dream Team

2 Jan 2020

Filmed and edited by Markus Wilke

Additional filming: Merlin Czarnulla, Felix Prangenberg, Tobias Paul, Moritz Nußbaumer

Gaaaad damn this goes hard! Felix Prangenberg (Wethepeople / Eclat / kunstform, etnies, Doomed) Bruno Hoffmann (Vans / Eclat), Kilian Roth (Cult / Vans / Eclat) & Moritz Nussbaumer (Subrosa / Odyssey) go in big time for this Happy Days / Our House trip to Mallorca. This is good vibes all the way through and the riding is out of hand.