Hidden Full Pipe With Desmond Tessemaker - Orange Juice

"They needed 4 cars / 2 motorbikes and 3 water police ships to get to us."

12 Aug 2015

Video by Tom Lammerse Photo by Syo van Vliet

Desmond Tessemaker noticed a spot in Amsterdam too good to pass up, the only hitch being it's location out on a river aboard a boat. Rather than let those sort of details get in the way Desmond, along with Tom Lammerse and Syo van Vliet, set out to ride and document the hidden full pipe.

“About three months ago Desmond Tessemaker hit up Tom Lammerse about doing a short video project which included a hidden full pipe in Amsterdam. Desmond knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity so he brought Tom as a filmer and photographer Syo van Vliet when they decided to go for it. They nearly got arrested by the police but it was all worth it since the end result is amazing." - Orange Juice

Desmond Tessemaker - The Full Pipe Project - interview on the Orange Juice site detailing the undertaking of the photo/video mission and their encounter with law enforcement out on the river