Hoffman Bikes - 25 Year Anniversary Completes Video

It's A Celebration Bitches!

19 May 2016

Video by Hoffman

To celebrate 25 years of history, Hoffman Bikes have just released their anniversary complete bike line - watch the video and then get a closer look at these special completes right here in our First Look feature. 

"Back in 1991 Mat Hoffman was driven to reinvent the sport of BMX freestyle and – alongside redefining ramp riding, bike contests, videos and more – he set about building a bike company. That original goal for making better BMX bikes hasn’t changed, and for this 25 year anniversary edition we present the best Hoffman range to date. From the 18″ Imprint to the signature Bama and Lady Luck models, all the bikes have improved frame/fork designs, better tires, taller bars, and stronger spec with improved parts throughout and they look amazing." - Hoffman Bikes 

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