In The Cut - LA Filming Mission

Dan Lacey, Dakota Roche, Alex Donnachie and more

14 Jun 2016

Filmed by Fred Murray

We flew out to Los Angeles a few months back to meet up with Dan Lacey, Dakota Roche, Alex Donnachie, Ben Lewis, Ed Zunda, Will Stroud, Rich Forne and Monster Energy TM Tom Creasy to see what was going on behind-the-scenes of the new Street Series/BMXDAY commercial and hit up the Street Series / Thee Block street jam. Along the way we also hang with snapchat addict Corey Martinez, Thee Block's Aaron Brenner and Tony Neyer, happy snapper Chris Mortenson, Grip Thang inventor Shawn McIntosh, Nathan Williams and his dog bear and more. Enjoy!

Watch the Street Series/BMXDAY 2016 video here.

Make sure you keep Saturday July 23rd free this year for BMXDAY 2016! Locations below:

Time Zone 1 - Adelaide, Australia - 12pm, Victoria Square with Alex Donnachie

Time Zone 2 - Athens, Greece - 12PM, Oaka Plaza with Ed Zunda and Jason Eustathiou

Time Zone 3 - Liverpool, UK - 12PM, China Town Ledges with Benny L.

Time Zone 4 - Philadelphia, USA - 12PM, Paines Plaza with Dan Lacey

Time Zone 5 - Los Angeles, USA - 12PM, Hollenbeck Plaza with Dakota Roche