Inside Profile Racing With Matt Coplon

Made In The USA

3 Mar 2016

Filmed and edited by Brett Rohlfing

The main man at Profile hosts a tour of the machine shop and warehouse in St. Petersburg, Florida.  When you purchase Profile you know right where it's coming from, and can be proud to be running a product made in the USA.

"When it comes to BMX parts and products, traditionally the person buying the product only gets to see the product either in the shop they bought it from or a few photos online. Only few ever really see where the product actually was made and came from before getting to that stage. There's only a handful of brands that can say they produce their products in-house in BMX or, really, in the entire bicycle industry, and it goes without saying that it's an interesting process to see. 

We made a trip to the Profile Racing warehouse in St. Petersburg, Florida to catch a tour of the warehouse with Matt Coplon to see just where the hubs, cranks, sprockets, stems and a number of other products are produced. Between the freestyle BMX, BMX racing, mountain bike and even car parts they produce, there's quite a bit to see from the stock to the crazy machines they use to produce everything from a piece of metal into a precision product. Hit play, kick back and take the tour! Big thanks to Matt Coplon and Profile Racing for letting us come through!" - BMX Union