Jared Duncan - Welcome To Sunday

"Effortless ambidextrous style"

6 Oct 2015

Filmed and edited by Francis Castro

The latest SoCal kid that is way, way too good, Jared Duncan, has just been added to the Sunday flow team. It's very easy to see why considering the ridiculous amount of tricks he can do any which way, Well deserved!

"I met Jared through Justin Spriet and the rest of the @THANKYOUAF crew. He was a hilarious kid and always great to be around. Eventually we started hanging out on the regular... Needles to say it didn't take long for me to realize how damn amazing his effortless ambidextrous style really was. Going to work on a video with him only made sense. So we did just that... On behalf of Sunday Bikes I am proud to present to you one of the most bad ass timelines I've ever had the honor of filming, ENJOY!" - Francis Castro

Sunday Team Mixer

3 Oct 2015


29 Jun 2015


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