Jason Watts, Cody Pollard, Jake Norris and more - 'Drinkin' On The Road'

A Classic Aussie Roadtrip

26 Aug 2020

Filmed and edited by Tim Storey

Load up the cars, utes and vans with some of your best mates, bikes and a load of beers and you've got yourself an Aussie roadtrip. Colony rider and LUX BMX media guy Tim Storey set out on the road with his buds and came back with nearly 30 minutes of good times. Featuring Jason Watts (VANS), Cody Pollard (VANS / LUX BMX), Damien Kluver, Josh Turley, Pahau Milner, Chris Goldring, Shadow Demon, Sean Connor, Jake Norris (BSD / LUX BMX), Wilton Hedley (Tempered Goods / LUX BMX), Jayke Phillips, and Jerard Vandervalk (Tempered Goods).

Colony M8 Frame

12 Jun 2020