LBC with Chief Brando & friends

31 Jul 2017

Filmed and edited by Stephan August

Recent Albuquerque to Long Beach transplant Brandon "Chief" Brando gets right to work in his new home, jibbing in the alleyways and hitting rails by the ocean.  Guest appearances by Nick Barrett, Mario Gorman, and Robbie Owen.

"Brandon is a young, well-rounded human hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico, currently residing in Long Beach, CA. I first caught wind of Brandon AKA "Chief" through the modern day cliché of Instagram, I knew we had mutual friends in Albuquerque so it was pretty easy to assume we would get along great. As life goes, I was riding out in Long Beach one day and Chief rolled through the session, I was immediately hyped to finally meet him and chill. After several hours of hangs he peace'd out. When I got home I hit him up letting him know it was cool to finally meet him and that we should film something when I move to Long Beach. HE WAS DOWN.
Today I'm stoked to present "Jibz & Russian Cream." This project only took two weeks from start to finish while showcasing what we aspire to do most, just have fun. From getting 5-10 clips every day, to being one of the most awesome people I've ever had the pleasure of working with, Brandon "Chief" James is someone to keep your eye out for." - Stephan August