"A compilation of lifelong memories you shared with friends."

15 Oct 2021

Filmed by Frank Nabuurs, Twan van Wijk, Kamiel Geus, Sharvan Debi-Tewari, Jessie Dinkelaar, Sylvester, Halux Visions, Ivan Veul and Joeri Veul / Edited by Joeri Veul

As you probably know already, Dutch Wethepeople rider Joeri Veul suffered an acute brain haemorrhage in September 2020, but thankfully is working hard on his recovering and making good progress. He decided to edit together the clips he filmed before the haemorrhage, along with some guest clips from friends, into this video dubbed 'Memories'. Big love to Joeri!

"Back in September 2020 I suffered from an acute brain haemorrhage. Suddenly I was not able to ride my BMX anymore, something I built my life around over the past 13 years. Before this happened I was always out looking for spots, filming and hanging out with friends who also happen to ride bikes… I always enjoyed filming or being filmed, as you can push each other to battle against a trick you have in mind. Besides that, filming also encapsulates the whole scene surrounding that trick. The random encounters with strangers on the streets, the many flat tires that were had that day, or whatever funny situation you happen to get in with friends. It’s a compilation of lifelong memories you shared with friends. This video is just that: a compilation of memories that we gathered just before I got the haemorrhage. I hope to create many more when I’m able to ride in a few years again." - Joeri Veul

Joeri Veul 2018

12 Apr 2018

Joeri Veul 2019

27 Mar 2019