Joeri Veul's Winter Escape

Who Doesn't Go To Barca these Days When It Gets Cold?

16 Mar 2017

Filmed By Bart van der Kamp, Frank Nabuurs, Mirco Andreani, Agustin, Dima Prykhodko, Sybren Planting, Albert Meijer & Gonzalo Caballero Edited By Joeri Veul

You know its winter in Europe when the Barca edits start showing up. This is nice edit, all the classic spots and a good track.

As the Dutch winter slowly entered the Dutch streets, Joeri decided to move to a more sunny place in Europe. What better place to go to during the winter than Barcelona, right? He stayed there for a few months and managed to film some clips in between his stay.

Soulcycle BMX - Amsterdam based BMX shop

TBB Barcelona

15 Mar 2016