Jordan Aleppo - Selfmade - Sterling Estate

A month off the job in Barcelona

25 Nov 2016

Edited by Jordan Aleppo

Taking a break from the day job Jordan Aleppo spent a month in Barcelona, shook of the rust and filmed a bunch of clips on his iPhone.  It's obvious that he's still got it! Brap brap?

"So I took a month out of work as an electrician and headed to Barcelona to meet some friends and to see if I can still ride my bike!

It was amazing to finally have some time to chill out and just ride my bike for fun!

This trip was by far the best trip I've ever been on! I want to thank Archie Kenward and Theo Dorman for letting me crash at theirs, filming and letting me be apart of their trip.

This video was the first proper BMX video I've edited my self. I didn't intend on making a proper edit, these are pretty much just some jibs I filmed on my phone.

I apologise in advance for the intro but I am a tradesmen and not an athlete." - Jordan Aleppo